Bijak-preneur Programme

In partnership with King’s University College,  help your child become their own CEO at a young age with our very own kid entrepreneurship program.

Who can participate

Teens age 13 to 21 years old

What does this programme cover

  1. Demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit skill for starting up a business venture and application or business strategies in today’s business environment.
  2. Includes fundamentals of starting their own online shop under the guidance of a virtual mentor.
  3. Option to sign up for entrepreneur degree in with exclusive discounts and scholarships.

How does it work

  1. Register your child’s interest with us by submitting your details below.
  2. You will receive a FREE online starter pack from us once the programme is launched.
  3. Feel free to register for the full course later on, commitement-free!

Register your interest today

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