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Elevating your career with an MBA!

Is an MBA, or Master of Business Administration worth it for a working professional and manageable for a working parent who hopes to accelerate their career? Let’s dive in to see how an MBA as a recognized valuable degree can significantly enhance one's career potential:

1. Enhanced Skills and Knowledge

MBA programs in Malaysia provide comprehensive training in various aspects of business, including finance, marketing, operations, AI, strategic management and more. This advanced knowledge equips graduates with the skills necessary to tackle complex business challenges, making them valuable assets to employers.

Worried about inflexible course arrangements and training sessions? Many institutions now provide a mix of online and offline sessions, some even 100% assessment-based with real-life business application functions which allow for students to learn at their own pace.

2. Higher Earning Potential

Statistics show that MBA graduates in Malaysia tend to earn higher salaries than their non-MBA counterparts. According to local industry reports, an MBA graduate in Malaysia earns around 30% higher than those holding a Bachelor’s degree. Holding an MBA can also effectively facilitate a smoother transition to either a higher level or even pivot their careers to a different industry.

3. Networking Opportunities

MBA programs in Malaysia offer extensive networking opportunities with peers, faculty, and industry professionals. These connections can open doors to high-paying job opportunities within Malaysia and the broader ASEAN region. A strong network can also facilitate career advancement and higher salaries through referrals and recommendations.

4. Global Recognition and Mobility

An MBA from a reputable Malaysian institution or an internationally recognized program offers global recognition. This can enhance job prospects not only in Malaysia but also internationally, providing opportunities for higher salaries in global markets.

MBA is considered a super-charger to one’s career path. For many working parents who are looking to advance in their career – this is a more than suitable choice as it allows them to juggle between work and family with its flexible course sessions.

An MBA with a difference – up to RM5,000 scholarship available!

As you take the next step to upgrade your qualifications and explore opportunities that an MBA can offer, consider participating in the MBA program offered by the University of West of Scotland, in partnership with Kings University College. Find out more here and get up to RM5,000 scholarship!

The Kings University College MBA programme is designed for ambitious professionals seeking to elevate their careers and leadership capabilities. Our MBA offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential business disciplines such as strategic management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. With a strong emphasis on practical experience and real-world applications, students engage in case studies and group projects, that prepare them for the dynamic global business environment.

 The programme also provides extensive networking opportunities with industry leaders and alumni, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped to drive innovation and lead with confidence in their respective fields. Join us at Kings University College to transform your future with our world-class MBA programme!

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